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Is vaping safer then smoking? is it safe to vape ?

Are E cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes? this is a question alot of smokers ask when there thinking about quitting smoking and making the switch to vaping on e cigarettes instead .

There have been alot of studies done on the topic and the answer to the question isnt just yeah , but hell yeah. vaping is alot safer then smoking tobacco , tobacco has over 5000 different chemicals in it and atleast 70 of those can cause cancer, where vapour from e cigarettes has far fewer chemicals and has been proven to be alot safer for you in the long run.

vaping is all around better for your body then smoking, it has less dangerous chemicals and is also alot better for your lungs as you wont be filling them with tar and other harmful chemicals.

Is vaping safer then smoking verdict?

So our verdict is that vaping is alot better for you then smoking normal cigarettes , although we cant say e cigs are 100% safe as of yet as there is more testing and studies that need to be done. but the data thats out at the minute promotes the use of vaping over smoking.


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