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Basic guide to regulated and unregulated mechanical mods and box mods

Mechanical mods:

Mechanical mods are the most powerful , most customizable devices a vaper can get their hands on. A mech mod or mechanical mod is an unregulated device without any circuit board that runs directly off a battery, and since there is no circuitry, and the batteries keep providing continuous power, the vapour production reduces as the batteries near the end of their lifespan. However , in general, the mechanical mod consists of the following parts;

mechanical mod


A wide variety of housings are available ( both in tube and box form ) for mechanical vape mods, and can be made of several types of materials including metal and wood.

2. Battery:

These mods contain one or several batteries. The type and quantity of batteries are generally based upon the users needs and requirements. While commercial mech mod kids typically include housing options that offer space for only one or two batteries, some DIY go extreme by using as many batteries as possible.

3. Atomizer:

Mech mods are generally considered more flexible since they will power any atomizer or coil with no consideration of the coil’s resistance. RDAs are the popular choice of atomizers among mechanical mod enthusiasts. These Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers allow users to drip e-liquid directly onto the coil. Self-constructed coils give users a variety of options, vape experience, and output levels.

How do mechanical mods work?

mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are extremely minimal in functionality. As basic as possible, the mod’s casing houses a battery, which is positioned to connect with both the top (positive) and bottom (negative) caps of the mod. When the mod is fired through the push of a button, the bottom cap makes contact with the battery and allows current to flow into the coil. There are no circuit boards or advanced technical aspects – just a simple circuit powered by a battery source.

  • Pros and cons of using mech mods:


  • Mech Mods Are Reliable:

Since Mech Mods lack any electronic circuitry and have only a few electronic parts that can malfunction, they are comparatively more reliable. On the other hand, advanced circuit boards and sensors make the regulated mods susceptible to failure.

  • Mech Mods Are Durable:

Another major benefit of mech mods is their unrivalled durability. Well-built mechanical mods are virtually unbreakable since all they consist of is a metallic tube.

  • Mech Mods Are Easy to Fix:

Mechanical mods can fail sometimes, but since they have an extremely simple design, fixing them is also very easy. You might have to replace a certain part and you’re good to enjoy your vape again. On the flip, regulated mods are extremely difficult, if not impossible to fix.

  • Mechanical  Mods Offer Intense Vaping:

Mech mods really excel when it comes to customizing and tweaking your vaping experience. You can easily narrow down your vaping experience to a tee by your custom configuration of the could set up. This is why cloud chasers and sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts love mech mods.

  • Ideal for Use with Rebuildable Atomizer:

After making those little adjustments to your rebuildable atomizer, you need to fire the mod to see how the coil is holding up. Again, regulated mods will give you a hard time by repeatedly shutting off and giving error messages, while a mech will keep firing. This is why mechanical vape mods are considered the holy grail by rebuilders.


  • Steep Learning Curve and Risky Operation:

The biggest issue with the mechanical mods is the steep  learning curve and several hazards they can pose if you can make even the tiniest mistake. This is why mechanical mods are recommended for use by only those who possess considerable knowledge and working experience of vape modes and also have a basic understanding of electronics, Ohm’s Law, amperage calculations. and battery c-ratings and safety. Flirting with mechanical mods without the experience and knowledge can lead to accidents which can cause severe injuries as well as property damage. This is the biggest concern for anyone who wants to use a mechanical mod.

  • More Expensive:

Although the reliability and durability of a mech mod will keep your wallet happy for a long time to come, mechanical mods can be costly in two ways. Firstly, you’ll need a substantial initial investment to get a mechanical mod while you can get a very reasonably priced regulated mod that will last fairly long. Secondly, you will need to buy batteries and e-liquids more frequently, as mech mods use both of these resources very generously.

  • Unnecessary High Power:

While it is a fact that mech mods can offer insanely high power, but usually that’s pretty much useless. Regulated box mods can go up to 200W or even higher, and that’s all you need. Vaping at ridiculously higher wattage/voltage usually gives a burnt taste that nobody wants, and also can result in the emission of Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, into the vapour.

  • Battery Hogs:

The newer regulated mods are built with battery preservation in mind, and some can last for days on a single charge. Mech mods, on the other hand, can zap the batteries rather quickly, especially when you’re using coils with very low resistance.

  • Safety for using mechanical mods:

vaping mods

Mechanical mods are generally safe if used correctly. However, many of the faults that do happen are as a result of the battery. As mentioned, mechanical mods do not have any circuit boards, so there is nothing to keep the device from fully defecting if there is a malfunction. Batteries can become defective in a number of ways, causing them to over discharge, misfire, overheat, and potentially burst.

Since mechanical mods are unregulated, safety measures must always be taken during usage, and even when the device is not in use. Since there is no on-board system to ensure that you are notified before an issue becomes a nightmare, extra attention must be given to ensure that every vape experience is safe. Keep the following in mind when using a mechanical vape:

  1. Do not take a mechanical device with you r personal belongings having a battery installed in it. After each use, please remove the battery and store in a suitable battery case.
  2. Do not carry any batteries loose in your pocket, bag etc. If a circuit is made i.e pocket full of change and keys, this will create a dead short circuit and make the battery vent with devastating effects.
  3. Hybrid Mechanical Mods create a direct connection between your atomizer and battery. So, they must not be used with any atomizer that is not compatible with hybrid. Neglecting this will result in serious injury.
  4. Keep the batteries charged, but not overcharged. There can be danger in both using batteries that have been discharged passed their threshold, as well as those that have been over charged. Typically, you want your batteries to charge up to 4.2 volts and use it until the voltage has dropped to around 3.3 volts.
  5. Ensure Decent Airflow. Always make sure that your mech mod has enough vent holes to provide decent air flow. Without vent holes, pressure can build up withing the device and the mod can become extremely dangerous. With proper airflow, the pressure is able to be released before reaching a dangerous or combustible level.
  6. Mechanical mods are for advanced users only, which requires knowledge of OHMs law, battery capabilities, and RDAs. if you are not comfortable with using this device, please don’t purchase. Improper use can lead to battery venting and/or explosion. Do NOT use them with sub tanks.

Box mods:

smok box mod

A box MOD  is an electronic cigarette device that either contains an internal battery or has housing space for an external battery. They are one of the most powerful types of vaporizers and they differ from other vaporizers in that they typically come with a larger battery that lasts longer than vape pens and small vapes. Also, they come in two primary forms: regulated and unregulated. Both versions have a square-shaped design, hence the name box MOD.

The box mod is the ultimate vaporizer for those seeking customizability. Whether it be alternating between the level of intensity of a throat hit or just having an extensive collection of atomizers for different occasions, the box mod offers users the most customization potential of any vaporizer.

Types of box mods:

Box mods can be broken down in to a few different types based on the component used in construction.

  • Unregulated:

The simplest design. A switch is used control the control to the atty connection. Some unregulated boxes use a push button switch, other use a custom made switch assembly. Commonly built as single battery or dual battery mode or series mode.

  • Mosfet:

Similar to an unregulated box mod, except that a solid-state device called a MOSFET is used to switch the current. Generally, the same as a basic unregulated box, with the added benefit of much higher current switching capability, and lower voltage loss than a switch.

  • Regulated

Covers a wide range of boxes. Utilizes a voltage regulator to control the voltage to the atty connection. May have additional features.

Box mod features:

  1. Best at regulating temperature control: One of the box mod vaporisers’ best features is the ability to regulate and control the vaping temperature. This temperature regulation allows users to optimise their vaping experience. Forget ever having to worry about getting a hit that is too hot or a dry hit; the box mod eliminates this possibility by allowing you to take control over what temperature and how much power your vaporiser is using.
  2. Adjustable Wattage and Power: The box mod also allows for wattage control. Wattage is the amount of power delivered by the battery to the atomizer. With a higher wattage, the vape will “accelerate” quicker giving the user a more intense experience with a better throat hit instantly.
  3. Total Tank Customization: The box mode vaporizer does not hold e-liquid itself. A detachable atomizer holds the e-liquid. This detachment ability allows for more customisation potential with the box mod. Users can attach varying types of atomizers depending on their preferences. Different atomizers can alter the amount of vapour a user receives, how much flavour one gets from the vapour, and how much liquid can be held.

Pros and cons of box mods:

box mods


  1. Long battery life: One of the biggest reasons box mod vaporizers are so popular is that they tend to have a much longer battery life.
  2. Wattage control: Wattage control is another great benefit of box mods. With wattage control, vapes can have greater customisation options over how much vapor they receive per hit, how much of a throat hit they achieve, and how their flavor tastes.
  3. Temperature control: Without a doubt, one of the best features of box mod vaporisers is their ability to control temperature.
  4. Fairly simple to construct and use. 


  1. Switch ratings can affect sub-ohm capability, Battery sag and voltage drop are still present.
  2. Vape equality decreases as battery voltage decreases.
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